Other Online Meetings

Below are a list of online meetings we are aware of. We do not endorse nor monitor these meetings, but are simply making the information available. If you find a problem with a link or meeting, let us know at hand.of.aa.mke@gmail.com and we will remove the entry.

Online Meetings with a Shared Zoom Link:

  • Friday 8:00PM (CT) - TGIF - Step/Topic alternating

  • Saturday 10:30AM (CT) - Saturday Morning Men's Group. Person with the "nail" shares, breakout groups.

You can join these meetings either by dialing in, using a smartphone app, or connecting on your computer. Plan to join the meeting a few minutes early to understand how the software works. You should not need to create an account with zoom to join these meetings. Video is optional.

By Computer - Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5441311866?pwd=WktmQmxaNlVPVjJ5bHd1L0pZeHZldz09 and follow the instructions

By Phone App

By Phone dial-in

    • Dial (312) 626 6799

    • Use Meeting ID: 544 131 1866

    • Password: 414

Again: Plan to join the meeting a few minutes early to understand how the software works.

Other Sites

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